Anger is not a problem; it is a normal emotional response. It is how people handle the emotion of anger that becomes the problem. Recognizing anger is the first step in helping someone who uses violence or other destructive methods of dealing with anger to change the way anger makes them act.  You can not change the way anger makes you feel  but you can change how you respond to your feelings. Anger is a result of feeling frustrated, insulted, deceived or even under attack. For many, anger is a reaction that passes quickly in some instances. 


Recognising Anger



The important thing is to manage how you express your feelings and how you act on your anger. In spite of the bad rap, it gets, anger expressed in the right way is a healthy device for accomplishing change, getting things done or moving forward.


Many times, we begin to react to the physical feelings of anger before thinking about what a rational response would be. Other people may shut down completely and internalize the anger. Most of us develop habits for the way we deal with anger.


How can hypnotherapy for anger help


We use a verity of therapeutic techniques  CBT, NLP and EFT  with the integration of hypnotherapy render it a highly successful way to identify and understand anger management and behavioural traits that might be causing and maintaining the client's rage. Cognitive Hypnotherapy gets to the root cause of the anger problem and changes the perception patterns. EFT empowers the client to feel calm in control and manage negative emotions.


The goal of anger management is to control both the emotional feelings and physiological arousal that anger creates. Recognising anger and learning to express it accurately can help clients handle emergencies and solve problems more easily.  Hypnotherapy can help you create a profound change in your thoughts and feelings. With regular practice, you will be able to remain calm and in control in challenging situations and enjoy happier, more satisfying relationships with others.


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