Hypnotherapy for Blushing   

Blushing is an unconscious,  reaction that is caused by certain incidents, and is a perfectly normal bodily reaction. Some people believe blushing is naturally attractive as individuals are likely to show their emotions! However, for many people blushing can cause discomfort and distress as they worry about when and where they may blush. The subconscious uses the blushing mechanism to remove us from a situation that it believes could cause us to feel embarrassed or self-conscious. In this way, it protects us from a situation where we feel uncomfortable and in doing so it is protecting us. The irony is that by this action the subconscious embarrasses us and creates the very feeling it is working so hard to protect us against.

How can hypnotherapy for blushing help


Since blushing is a subconscious response over which we have little direct control, we use hypnosis to clear the original event which triggered the reaction. This helps you to let go of the belief or response that the unconscious constructed at the time and prevent it from repeatedly occurring.


We also use hypnosis to programme new, positive reactions to the external triggers that caused the problem to begin with  making blushing a thing of the past. Our hypnotherapy for blushing sessions also works with you to make you feel more comfortable in the types of situations where you were previously prone to flush, helping you to build confidence, assertiveness and self-esteem so you feel less vulnerable and self-conscious on a day-to-day level. 

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