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Skype Hypnosis sessions are a popular option for people that can’t always come to see me at my clinic and for those based overseas. Online hypnosis sessions are just as effective as they are in person are available as a flexible alternative to face-to-face therapy sessions.  This method of therapy can be especially useful if you travel a great deal but do not want to miss out on any of your sessions.  If you would like an online session and you are new to Skype, you will need to ensure your computer has either a built-in or a plug-in webcam, and if necessary, a headset with microphone.

Getting set up with skype and your on line service

You can download and install the latest free version of Skype for Windows or Mac onto your computer, laptop, tablet (iPad) or mobile phone.  Most importantly, it is confidential, so sessions remain private. You can download Skype. Click here >



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Beverley Sinclair

Clinical Hypnotherapist


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