Is excessive sweating making your life a misery? I help people who feel embarrassed and hindered by their sweating. More specifically, I work with people who avoid situations and lack confidence because of their symptoms. Imagine waking up every morning and not worrying about what to wear. Imagine getting on a crowded train, delivering a presentation or going out for drinks with friends and feeling relaxed, at ease and comfortable. No self-consciousness, no anxiety, just a sense of calm, cool confidence. This is what hypnotherapy for excessive sweating can achieve.

Excessive Sweating/Hyperhidrosis

Hypnotherapy for Excessive Sweating

Hypnotherapy can help reduce this to normal levels enabling you to be more comfortable and relaxed in social situations. We use CTB with the integration of hypnotherapy and NLP makes it a highly successful way to reduces and break free from automatic thought patterns that lead to the sweating response this experience helps to reflect calmly and positively to heal those parts that have experienced the discomfort of excessive sweating we can teach you how to re-pattern your thoughts to create new and helpful responses and behaviours.

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Beverley Sinclair

Clinical Hypnotherapist



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