Hypnotherapy before or after Surgerynical 

Surgical procedures whether minor or major and anaesthesia whether local or general can be a stress-producing event in anyone’s life and is very often accompanied by feelings of stress and anxiety. Fear of the surgery itself, fear of needles, injections or general anaesthetic are common, not to mention anxiety regarding the outcome after surgery, the potential psychological distress caused during recovery and indeed the ability to make full recovery. It’s been known for over a quarter of a century, that stress harms the immune system and the body’s ability to heal itself. Stress and anxiety before surgery have been linked to greater pain, increased need for painkillers, and longer hospital stays after surgery.


The effects of hypnosis on reducing pre-operative anxiety are well documented. But increasingly, studies also support a role for hypnosis in reducing pain during and after surgery and helping to encourage the body’s natural healing process.

We use CBT based on hypnotherapy allows you to feel safe and confident in meeting that challenge in a way that is most effective for you as an individual.

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