Almost everyone experiences jealousy at some point in their lives. Perhaps we feel passing envy over a friend’s professional success or maybe we feel that stab of jealousy when a stranger flirts with our partner.
When jealousy is threatening your well-being daily or is endangering your relationships with other people, then it’s time to do something about it.

Through our hypnotherapy session, we will look at the ‘dynamics’ of the relationship where you feel jealous. Sometimes jealousy can be a trigger of unresolved insecurities from the past.Jealousy as a single emotion, it’s actually a mixture of different feelings: fear of loss, a sense of inadequacy, hurt, sadness, pain, anxiety, self-doubt, anger and, sometimes, outright rage self esteem. Hypnotherapy can heal any past conflicts to move forward, feeling more trusting and secure.

Hypnotherapy and Jealousy

Hypnotherapy for self-esteem helps challenge negative thought processes and limiting beliefs and can eliminate self-doubt allowing you to generate a more positive future, improving self-image and increasing determination.
We use CTB with the integration of hypnotherapy, the self-awareness that CBT offers renders it a highly successful way to modify behaviour, embed and consolidate new thinking, aid deep relaxation.


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