Mindfulness Meditation teaches powerful methods such as meditation, and body awareness practices, within a supportive environment


Have you thought about how it would be to stay calm and balanced no matter what turns up along your life journey?

  • find a profound appreciation of life itself

  • to greatly improve your ability to handle stressful situations

  • to take responsibility for improving your health and well-being

  • discover peace of mind and balance in personal and work relationships

  • get to know your body, and lose muscular tension without effort

When you explore mindfulness you will find that it is about being 'present' to each new moment as it happens: pleasurable moments, fun times, even tough times. When we're able to do this naturally and effortlessly, stressful situations are less likely to overwhelm us. We may also develop a richer appreciation of life itself, and a deeper experience of moments of joy, laughter and connection with those we love.


For any questions you have, you can reach me here about new blog posts, news and wellbeing information.

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Beverley Sinclair

Clinical Hypnotherapist

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