Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental health condition characterized by distressing, intrusive, obsessive thoughts and repetitive, compulsive physical or mental acts. It is a distinct condition but falls within the category of "obsessive-compulsive and related disorders."Examples of compulsions include excessive washing and cleaning, counting and touching things, hoarding, incessant rechecking, repeating certain words or phrases and performing ritualistic behaviour.

The symptoms of OCD are usually very stressful and overwhelming so it is important to note that if you are experiencing continuously unwanted thoughts that are hindering your day to day life or distressing you then it may be a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder. A person with OCD might find that they obsessively think about and fear contamination, with people, places, objects, surfaces etc things are not safe and having things in a particular order are common obsessions.


Obsessive-compulsive disorder 

Hypnotherapy - OCD Treatment 

Cognitive behavioural therapies (CBT) – A focus on the thoughts and exaggerated feelings of responsibility and then looking at healthy ways to respond to these thoughts. Hypnotherapy assists the client to identify the obsessions as thoughts processes and then work to adapt the behaviour of compulsions to bring about positive change in thinking patterns on a deeper level giving back control and reduce symptoms associated with OCD.

This experience helps the client to reflect calmly and positively and to help you to understand the belief structures that support the OCD message.  We access these beliefs by using hypnosis to weaken the intensity of OCD to enable them to free themselves from the condition by finding a healthy, balanced approach allow you to live your life free from anxiety.

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