We often think of pain as a purely physical sensation but the pain has biological, psychological and emotional factors too. Furthermore, chronic pain can cause feelings such as anger,  sadness and anxiety. To treat pain effectively, we must address the physical, emotional and psychological aspects.

Coping with pain is an individual experience and can affect every aspect of your life. If not managed effectively your pain can lead to personal and occupational relationship problems, depression, anxiety and insomnia to mention a few. Hypnowellbeing Clinic listens to you, and understand and then recommend a clinically integrated plan to permanently relieve you of your pain, our revolutionary and clinically proven treatments will give you the immediate relief of pain and a structured ongoing program of therapy will bring you the lasting benefit of a pain-free life you deserve.

 Hypnotherapy for Pain Management
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Experts in pain management, we can help you break free from acute and chronic pain

Acute Pain

Often known as short term pain. This acute pain could be a result of an operation, an accident or the reason may not be clear. Acute pain can be short-lived, but it can also potentially lead to on-going chronic pain if not appropriately assessed and managed early. Acute pain usually begins suddenly can be quite sharp and unexpected. Acute pain serves as a warning that there is an issue which needs to be dealt with. Ignoring acute pain usually only makes it worse so it is always a good idea to speak to a professional.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is classed as on-going pain. Chronic pain can be the result of physical ailments such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis. Chronic pain can also be associated with mental stress and anxiety too. Chronic pain can be quite debilitating as it persists which in turn can be very fatiguing and also cause mental anguish. 

Our approach to your pain management

Hypnotherapy has been used by many to manage numerous instances of pain, including irritable bowel syndrome, sciatica, spinal stenosis, burns, joint pain, neck pain and a variety of other injuries and illnesses. The  premise of hypnotherapy is to change the way individuals perceive pain messages to reduce the intensity of what they are feeling. We use CBT based on hypnotherapy allows you to feel safe and confident in meeting that challenge in a way that is most effective for you as an individual.

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