Christmas and healthy eating


Here are some easy to follow steps to avoid overeating over the Christmas holiday period. Successful weight loss is as much about re-educating your unconscious mind. To make that decision, to make changes to your eating habits. Be ready to make a positive change. Set yourself a realistically achievable goal and believe it can happen.


Being more mindful of what you are eating and breaking habits and cravings will give you back more control and eating when you wish and not be a need for greed. Some drinks and foods are going to be better for you than others, they will contain more vitamins and the body will be able to use them more effectively for your health than others.


Stick to well-known rules for weight management. Practice becoming more mindful of what you are putting into your body. We often eat unconsciously, meaning the choices of foods we eat are motivated by unconscious factors such as stress, emotions, needs to feed something more psychological than physical. Become mindful of what you want the food or the drink for, can allow you to take action to create a new pattern to eat has great benefits. What you begin to do is you begin to open a new opportunity for change.


The key to change is noticing what you are doing in the here and now, breaking the pattern by taking a few breaths before you indulge and ask yourself what this food or drink is giving you can highlight the motivational drivers behind it. You may discover emotional needs and even attachments to certain foods over others.


Now focus your attention on where you want to be at the beginning of 2019 so you can plan for it and sustain the plan with that goal in mind. How will that goal feel as you can imagine yourself in that image, feeling what your body feels like, see what you see, hear what you hear, feel what you feel, breathe How does being this new you feel psychological.

Look up again to the new version of you. Make the image brighter. Make the image bigger, clearer and more colourful. See the vibrancy of your energy. Incorporating some routine exercises to your benefit, this can help convert stress into positive energy, such as cycling, swimming, yoga, brisk walk, light jogging for about 15 to 30 minutes or aerobics. The key is to regulate your breathing while you exercise this can be done by counting while you exercise.

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