Hypnotherapy for weight management




Fads within the dieting world are more prominent than ever. Diets tend to work for a short time until we crack and binge. The reason they don’t work permanently is that no diet will ever address the root cause of the issue which is as to why the individual is overeating in the first place.


 What needs to be addressed are deep-seated issues such as what drives the habit or addiction. There may be feelings like stress, low self-esteem, depression or boredom. It’s not unusual for people to get into a cycle of dieting, overeating, feeling guilty and dieting again. Hypnotherapy for weight loss changes how you feel about what you eat.


According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology, hypnosis is an effective aid in the process of weight loss, especially in cases where eating patterns and habits are the cause of weight problems, hypnosis can help to re-calibrate poor eating patterns.


Through hypnosis, you can discover and maintain long term weight control and new ways of eating which will support you through a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life.

 What sits under the umbrella term for “Eating Disorders”?

  • Emotional / comfort eating

  • Binge eating

  • Extreme dieting

  • Bulimia

  • Anorexia

  • Fear of eating

  • Fear of vomiting

  • Picky / Fussy eaters

The bottom line here is that people who develop any kind of eating disorder will have an unhealthy relationship with food.


Chronic eating disorders will often develop during adolescence and these adolescents can become incredibly adept at hiding their eating behaviour from the outside world including from their families for months and even years. Eating disorders are complex. They can be biological or psychological or both and can rise from a whole host of reasons from a feeling of being out of control to feeling totally in control and then everything in between.

Hypnotherapy can be incredibly helpful in finding ways in which to understand the underlying cause of the behaviour, to encourage a healthy relationship with food, adopt a positive body image, reframe negative or repetitive behaviour patterns and ease anxiety.

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