Weight Loss Success


Successful weight loss is about re-educating your mind to make some new decisions. To lose weight, you have to be completely honest about how much you eat and exercise etc. You need to make changes to your eating habits and to be prepared to make positive lifestyle changes. Approached in the right way, hypnotherapy and weight loss can work very well together in challenging these mindsets and moments of temptation, helping you to live a healthier life.


The aim of hypnotherapy for weight loss is to make you feel confident about your body, change negative thoughts about eating and help you lose weight responsibly, without impacting your emotional well-being. 


There are several reasons why people may wish to lose weight. Many want to slim down, feel better about their appearance and overall well-being, while others may want to lose weight to help minimise the risk of developing health problems that are linked to being overweight. While there are numerous benefits to ensuring you fall within a healthy weight range,  media focus on the ‘perfect’ body image can, unfortunately, lead some individuals to develop an unhealthy fixation on how to lose weight. The fixation can develop so rapidly that they are prepared to take extreme and sometimes harmful measures to achieve their target weight loss. The best way to make a change is by implementing sustainable and well-considered adjustments to your lifestyle.


Hypnotherapy can also help you develop stronger self-control, meaning you are more likely to be able to resist the temptation to snack or binge on high-calorie food that will prevent you losing weight or lead to even more weight gain.

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