Trauma Therapy


Trauma can be described as experiencing an event or multiple events which overwhelm your ability to cope. Examples of trauma are the sudden death of a loved one, a distressing experience or humiliating occurrence. Trauma can often be the outcome of physical harm. However, any situation that limits your ability to cope can be traumatic. Some traumatic events are sudden, giving you no time to prepare yourself emotionally. Which will leave a lasting impression emotional reactions to trauma can vary greatly and are significantly influenced by the individual’s socio-cultural history.


Our approach to trauma therapy


Hypnotherapy allows you to feel safe and confident in meeting that challenge in a way that is most effective for you as an individual. Healing childhood trauma with hypnotherapy does not mean that you have to relive the childhood trauma again. What hypnotherapy can do is give you a safe environment to focus on resolving the conflict and processing and re-cataloguing your memory so it no longer disturbs you.  Clinical hypnosis increases the effectiveness of hypnotherapy which enables unique, specific and positive changes to take place. EMDR therapy can be a very powerful treatment for people who have experienced any traumas.


Beyond the initial emotional reactions during the event, those most likely to surface include anger, fear, sadness, shame, depression and tension along with nightmares and flashbacks.   Trauma experience can range bullying, assault, abuse, humiliation, rejection, abusive relationship. Medical procedures including childbirth and many other difficult experiences.

For those suffering from trauma, it can often be very challenging to separate the past from the present because our brain is in protective mode, maintaining a strong link with what has gone before to shield us from what might happen in the future.

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